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John Cotten Roofing

Website Makeover

John Cotten Roofing was an existing company with a great person. But the website was severely lacking. It was obvious that something more was needed. That's where we entered the picture. After consulting services were given, then it was time to put the plan we created into action. It didn't take long to start seeing the benefits of the improved site so that potential customers could see what they hype was all about from existing customers. With an added chat feature and better contact form submissions, leads increased and request for quotes leapt exponentially from the site.

Some of the many benefits experienced from this site was contextual branding creating an online presence that mirrored the real world qualities of John Cotten Roofing. Paired with SEO, the site has seen dramatic increases in traffic, utilization, and overall performance from day one. Within the first week, there was an estimated 500% increase in leads and in turn an increase in customers as well. This wasn't just a branding make-over; it was an investment that quickly paid off!

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